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Cystic fibrosis - general information

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Astra Biotech included the DNA microarray as a new platform for the rapid simultaneous detection of multiple parameters in the product portfolio.

Basics of the microarray technology

The DNA microarray is a molecular biological technique. The Astra Biotech microarray is based on short sequences of oligonucleotides representing the mutated sections of the analyzed gene that are spotted on a modified surface (Fig. Target). Using PCR reactions the DNA sections of the patient samples linked to the disease were isolated and amplified and labeled (Fig. Labeled probe). Hybridization is done with these labeled amplification products on the microarray to form the labeled duplex. If the patient carries a mutation, signals can be detected by the respective microarray scanners.

Advantages of the microarray technology

While only a limited number of DNA sequences can be analyzed by one PCR, the microarray can be used for examination of various sequences at one run. Further, the Astra Biotech microarray combines a high and sensitive technology with an easy and time saving handling.