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About us

The modern In vitro Diagnostics and innovative technologies developed today guarantee the future health and longevity of this and next generations. The company Astra Biotech, located in Berlin, offers a wide range of high-quality reagents and In vitro Diagnostics. The Astra Biotech catalogue includes reagents and In vitro Diagnostics for detection of disturbances of hormones, metabolic diseases, tumor markers and allergy tests. Furthermore, we are proud to present you our molecular biological In-Vitro Diagnostics for detection of predisposition to thrombosis or individual sensitivity to drugs as well as for analysis of infection with sexual transmitted diseases or diagnosis of cystic fibrosis.

The In-vitro Diagnostics of Astra Biotech GmbH are either based on reliable ELISA technique, on the sensitive PCR reaction or on the high technology microarray platform. All ELISA kits, PCR tests, and Microarray assays are CE-certificated and are subjected to strict control for the preservation of the welfare of the patients.

Besides, we develop cutting-edge, technologically perfect solutions in the field of diagnostics and we are ready to offer our experience, skills and knowledge for realization of your own projects. We trust development and production of our Astra Biotech products only to our team of highly skilled specialists with long-term experience of research in Germany and foreign countries.

The competitive advantage of Astra Biotech is offering these high-quality reagents and in-vitro diagnostics comparable or exceeding the world leaders’ production, but easier available and low-cost due to optimized production cycle and applying progressive technologies.