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The high-affinity murine monoclonal antibodies (Mabs) are able to bind human hormones and proteins. All Mabs were tested in ELISA, pairs for sandwich immunoassay are suggested. Antibodies can be supplied either affinity purified on protein G or as ascites. Our antibodies are used for manufacturing of ELISA kits, thus great performance is guaranteed. They have to be stored at -18...-22°C. Different package sizes are available.

REF Antibodies Clone Recommended combination of antibodies Specification
 10-01 Anti-AFP-mouse-mAb (IgG1) 3G6 Anti-AFP MAb, clone 3H3
 10-02 Anti-AFP-mouse-mAb (IgG1) 3H3 Anti-AFP Mab, clone 3G6
 10-03 Anti-Testosterone-mouse-mAb (IgG1) 3F6 -
 10-04 Anti-Progesterone-mouse-mAb (IgG2b) 4G7 -
 10-05 Anti-L-thyroxin-mouse-mAb (IgG2b) 3F3 -
 10-06 Anti-hCG-mouse-mAb (IgG1) 11C9 Anti-hCG Mab, clone 4B4
 10-07 Anti-hCG-mouse-mAb (IgG1) 4B4 Anti-hCG Mab, clone 11C9
 10-08 Anti-Prolactin-mouse-mAb (IgG2a) 3C5 Anti-Prolactin Mab, clone 3P10
 10-09 Anti-Prolactin-mouse-mAb (IgG1) 3P10 Anti-Prolactin Mab, clone 3C5
 10-10 Anti-Cortisol mouse Mab (IgG2a) 7C12 -
10-11 Anti-CA-125-mouse-mAb (IgG1) 3C8 Anti-CA-125 Mab,clone 2B6
10-12 Anti-CA-125-mouse-mAb (IgG1) 2B6 Anti-CA-125 Mab, clone 3C8
10-13 Anti-Triiodothyronine-mouse-mAb (IgG1) 3B10 -