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E-Mail: info@astrabiotech.de

Mission & Values


In the “therapy – health” link the diagnostics is the first and necessary element. Its precision defines efficiency of all subsequent measures. We research, develop and create our products in order to make diagnostics available for everybody. Our target is offering the high-quality affordable diagnostic reagents, comparable and even exceeding the products of the world leaders, to the laboratories, clinics, hospitals and diagnostic centers all over the world.


Our clients
We are constantly striving to satisfy our clients and fulfill all customers’ needs in the best possible way. Individual approach, opportunity to order customized products, and after sales customer service enable us to provide added value to our products.

Our employees
We believe that trainings, personal development, and growth within the team, new projects and leadership opportunity, appreciation of initiative and, of course, friendly working environment are the key moments in realisation of professional potential of our young employees and good motivation for experienced professionals, working at Astra Biotech GmbH.

Our suppliers
Our raw materials are supplied by the largest world known manufacturers and pass a strict internal quality control. That enables us to assure the high quality of our products. Good long-term relationships with suppliers help us to compete on the market and give us quality and price advantages.

Our Products
Internal control of raw materials, modern automated production lines and our professional team enable us to provide high quality products to our customers. Quality diagnostics is the key to successful treatment of the patient and we are happy to offer a wide range of high quality reagents and In vitro Diagnostics.