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Prolactin ELISA kit

REF 21-04

The Prolactin ELISA kit is intended for quantitative determination of prolactin in human serum.

Prolactin is a single-chain hormone with molecular mass of about 23 kDa. It is synthesized in the frontal lobe of pituitary gland. The determination of prolactin is a valuable tool in diagnostics of testicular and ovarian dysfunctions. Hyperprolactinemia in women may lead to galactorrhea, amenorrhea and other distortions in menstrual cycle. In men it may result in impotence or loss of libido. Circulating prolactin is measured  as a primary test for barrenness.

Pathological hyperprolactinemia takes place in the case of hypothyroidism, renal insufficiency and in patients with a pituitary gland tumor - prolactinoma. Physiological increase of prolactin level takes place during the gestation, lactation, in sleep and after physical and emotional stress.

Kit volume, wells (including controls) 96
Analytical sensitivity, mlU/L 50
Range of evaluated concentrations, mlU/L 50–4500
Incubations 60 min + 10 min at 37°C


60 min at 37°C + 15-30 min at RT

Shelf life, months 18

MSDS Prolactin kit